What It Means To Be Brave

There I was, just two weeks from the event, terrified I might fail and suddenly unclear as to why I would give myself just six weeks to put on an event such as this. Was I crazy? How was I supposed to leverage the media exposure I just got, capitalize on the new speaking opportunities, keep up with all my Read More >

Women Naturally Possess Key Leadership Qualities: the Skills Necessary to be a Good Leader are within You

By Kisha D. DeSandies http://www.nahb.org/generic.aspx?genericContentID=112782&channelID=33   Successful leaders are often asked their advice on how to excel in business management. Specifically, aspiring leaders in lower, middle and executive management levels want to know exactly what attributes they need to be an influential and effective leader.   Anne Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox, may have said it best in her book Wisdom Read More >

Because It’s Easier to Ask Questions Than Ask for Forgiveness Across Generations

Kathy, a Naval Officer working as commander of personnel assignments in the Surface Warfare Office, had an important meeting at work and had already let her husband know it would need to be an “untouchable” day – where he’d need to pick up the slack with the kids, house, etc. So when he told her later that she’d need to Read More >

Why A Recession Decreases Productivity?

While most leaders think productivity increases during a recession, the opposite is actually true. Since people are worried about keeping their jobs, don’t they want to work harder to ensure they keep their job? No! The time spent worrying about their job takes their attention away from doing their job. So, how do you ensure your team is the most Read More >

Really, a Fight For Talent During a Recession?

While the majority of employees are worried about keeping their jobs, few are excited about this opportunity. Likewise, most employers think the tables have turned and now employees will work harder because they have to – that is, if they want to keep their jobs. If you’re an employer who appreciates dedicated, hard-working professionals, who assume personal responsibility for the Read More >

An Enlightened Interview with From Boomers to Bloggers author Misti Burmeister

An Enlightened Interview with From Boomers to Bloggers author Misti Burmeister Book Launch Cafe (Source: http://www.booklaunchcafe.com/booklaunchcafe/meet-the-author-of-from-boomers-to-bloggers.html) How would you describe yourself in 5 words? Inspiring, energetic, passionate, real, engaging What was the last book you read? Leadership From the Inside Out” By: Kevin Cashman If I were to walk into your home right now, what book would I see on Read More >