Goal-Setting 2010

Date: ___________________ Name: ____________________________ 2010 **Goal-Setting Effectiveness:  5% When unwritten  ::  54% When recorded digitally (typed)  ::  92% When handwritten on paper   I am, I have, I do Activities Supporting Me In 2010 1. 1.   2.   3. 2. 1.   2.   3. 3. 1.   2.   3. 4. 1.   2.   3. 5. 1. Read More >

Hope Is Born

While traveling all over the United States, speaking to hundreds of thousands of sailors in the Navy, I met an incredible woman, Captain KC. Just before meeting Captain KC, she received honors for being the first Latina woman to make her rank within the Navy. Excited about meeting Captain KC, I called a friend who serves in another branch of Read More >

Learn And Laugh

Washington Post Question: Is the culture of celebrity and reality TV eroding our understanding of what constitutes success? What should we tell our children about people such as Tareq and Michaele Salahi who apparently crashed a White House state dinner in pursuit of reality TV fame? Why not ask our children what they think about the incident first? After hearing Read More >

Toot Your Own Horn: The Art of Getting Noticed

Sure, we’ve all lamented that our bosses don’t understand all the intricacies and hard work involved in our complex jobs. But it’s definitely a problem when your manager doesn’t even know what you do. Jill, an executive with a large gaming company, recently called me frustrated that her new boss didn’t know anything about her responsibilities or contributions. The company Read More >

Authentically Oprah

Q: Why has Oprah Winfrey been so successful as a TV talk-show host? Does it make sense for her to end her syndicated talk show in 2011 when she`s still dominating the daytime ratings? Can you imagine anyone replicating the following she`s been able to build? I will always remember that day after school, sitting on the couch in front Read More >