Keep It Simple…Make It Powerful

At Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport several months ago, I struck up a conversation with Ken, an impressive mid-level manager. After he shared his passion for this work, I asked, “So, do you like your company?” I cringed when he answered, “They did so much to get me … and are doing nothing to keep me.” He elaborated on the lengths his Read More >

Stop Apppreciating Me!

You can’t have too much of a good thing…or can you? In response to my recent post on the importance of making employees feel valued, one of my readers, Todd, asked, “Can you overdo appreciation?”   Until recently, I believed there was no such thing as over-appreciating someone, or at least, I could not have told you what “overdone” appreciation Read More >

25 Things to Say “Yes” to in 2012

25 Things to Say “Yes” to in 2012 When my new assistant, Kelly, requested weekly status meetings, I thought, Meetings just suck up time. But before I could say I’d rather send her e-mails with specific tasks, she explained. “I’m part of your team and need to understand what’s happening. It’s important that we stay connected and on the same Read More >