Stubbornness: The Cure for Mediocrity

“When we`re clear about what taps into our stubbornness,what means so much to us that it invokes the `failure-is-not-an-option` mentality, we can all push past perceived barriers and achieve what seems impossible.” – Misti Burmeister When Cindy, a retired nurse, heard about Christopher – a dying, young boy with an “impossible” final wish – she stubbornly set out to make Read More >

Why Constant Feedback is Lethal

On a recent flight, I struck up a conversation with my seat-mate, Leah, who was putting together a presentation entitled “Creating a Coaching Culture.” After learning more about her project, I shared a bit about my work with generational diversity and executive coaching, after which Leah explained, “Our seasoned professionals have got to learn how to give a great deal Read More >

Are You Setting Your Employees Up to Fail?

I met Connie at a bookstore near my home. After working in the public school system for many years, she recently became the principal of a charter school. She was initially hesitant about taking the job, which requires an hour-long commute (each way). But after several conversations, the school board convinced her. How? They promised her autonomy – the opportunity Read More >

Visionary Leadership: Inspiring Others Into Action

This event is brought to you by Inspirion and Helios HR – together, everything is possible! ***There is limited seating available and all profits from this event will be donated to non-profits selected by our panelists. – Get Your Ticket Here – As a successful business, organization, corporation or team leader, inspiring others is often a requisite of the job. The challenge is often conveying that Read More >