No Wonder They Keep Cutting You Off

“The next time you find yourself complaining about certain behaviors in your employees, stop and consider whether you might be unconsciously reinforcing those bad habits.” – Misti Burmeister Sitting around the table with me were eight highly-acclaimed CEOs from the Washington-D.C. area. We were discussing my favorite topic: Provoking Greatness. “My greatest challenge is getting my leadership team to listen to Read More >

Don’t Hire Confident People

“When we believe in our employees and create a culture that fosters their success, we attract employees who are confident and capable.” – Misti Burmeister “If he had self-confidence, he wouldn’t be working for me,” JW said, referring to an employee whose results haven’t been up to par. Curious, I asked, “What would happen if your employee did have strong Read More >

What You Don’t Want Them Saying About You

  “The generous leaders who share the credit and the profits with their team will attract and retain the highest-quality, dedicated team players.” – Misti Burmeister I stood on the corner of a busy street in Towson, Maryland, listening as Greg shared about his experience with a previous employer. “These guys start technology companies, sell them, and then just leave Read More >

Why Should I Dance?

 “Leaders who provide structure for success effortlessly attract great “dancers”–workers who are accountable, productive and hard-working.” — Misti Burmeister If you’ve ever been to an event – a wedding, fundraiser, conference, etc. – where there was dancing, you may have noticed three types of dancers. I call them Freestylers, Groovers and Swatchers. Freestylers are the folks who jump on the Read More >