The Thing About Praise

“Would you consider giving the very thing most of us want more of – a few kind words and recognition for our successes?” – Misti Burmeister A little praise can go a long way towards motivating employees. In fact, according to a recent Forbes article, companies that effectively appreciate employees and make them feel valued, receive “a return on equity & assets more Read More >

All Leadership Coaches Are Terrible!

“Most companies are in a constant battle to attract the best of the best, because leaders are unwilling to see the talent they already have – and to make it their business to provoke it.”– Misti Burmeister At a Foundation dinner for the National Speakers Association, I met Dave – a fellow speaker and reporter. When I asked what he does for Read More >

What If You’re Too Short?

“Belief goes a long way in provoking greatness, and as leaders, that’s our most important job.” – Misti Burmeister A couple of years after they built a horse barn, my parents and my brother decided that owning horses was too much work, so they converted the barn into a basketball court … sort of. Never would it have occurred to me that Read More >

You Want Me to Do What? OK!

“If you’ve recently hired someone who’s not performing as you’d like, consider giving specific instructions on what to do, rather than what not to do.” – Misti Burmeister One great way to get to know colleagues and potential customers is to join them for an activity they enjoy. After a great phone conversation, and with an honest interest in getting to know Read More >