Don’t Get Mad; Get Pushy

“Holding people to their promises, or even to their greatness, is far from easy work. But it’s worth the effort to do so!”— Misti Burmeister After buying a house in Baltimore, my partner and I decided that a splash of paint, a couple ceiling fans, and removing the wet bar from the basement would make this house into our home. Peter, our Read More >

What’s Your 24-Pack Idea?

“Take the risks necessary to achieve your goals. Others are watching and will follow your lead.”— Misti Burmeister Route 1 runs through the center of Dewey Beach, Delaware. My first trip there was during winter, and the place was such a ghost town that the “Quiet Area” signs off the main route seemed like a joke. This summer, however, I realized Read More >

Driven to Chocolate

“Getting clued in about what drives you to “chocolate” can help you deal with the situation in a more productive, healthy way.” —Misti Burmeister A few years ago, I drove from Baltimore to D.C. to meet with a new client about his corporate vision. This was a last-minute thing, so I planned to get the signed contract when I arrived. I Read More >