Do They Know You’re Watching?

“Paying attention, and ensuring they know you’re doing so, gives them something to live up to.”— Misti Burmeister Do you perform better when you know others are watching? Research shows the simple answer is “yes.” But how do you make this work to your advantage as a leader? A few days ago, while observing a Crossfit class at Arenal, I witnessed Read More >

Exclusive Interview with Maimah Karmo

How do you discover your purpose? Is it being revealed to you, but you simply cannot see it? If you could align your passion and purpose, how would you do it? In this interview with Maimah Karmo, CEO and Foundation for the Tigerlily Foundation, she shares her story from hospital bed (with stage 4 breast cancer) to being on Oprah, starting her Read More >

Is Cheerleading a Waste of Time?

“Are you seeing and acknowledging the simple greatness all around you every day? When you do, you end up generating even more greatness.”— Misti Burmeister Positive workplace energy is contagious. All it takes is one person – no matter how high-level – to take the lead. And soon others start following in her enthusiastic wake. A close friend of mine, Dora, is an executive in the entertainment Read More >

Why Should I Do Business with You?

“When we know what drives people, we get to skip the motivational mumbo-jumbo and simply focus on helping them reach the goals that are important to them.”— Misti Burmeister Have you ever wondered why, despite your exceptional service, customers keep going to the competition? What gives? And more importantly, how do you get them to stay and refer others? Whether we’re talking Read More >

Is Your Company Culture Costing You – Podcast

“Culture trumps strategy every time,” Mr. Quitoni, Corporate Director, Ritz-Carlton. You’re ready to get (and keep) your team engaged! You’ve seen how valuable those dedicated, passionate, and committed team members are, and you’re ready to get them on your team! You clearly have a great team, and you’re ready to see the results when they collaborate and innovate more. This Read More >

Are You Contagious?

“When you spend time with people, you infect them with your energy – for better or for worse.”— Misti Burmeister What’s the quickest way to determine if you’re bringing the right kind of energy to work? Simply pay attention to the people around you. Attitudes can spread just as quickly as diseases. When you spend time with people, you infect them Read More >