5 Practical Steps to Protecting Your Energy

Ever find yourself exhausted, but in need of energy? You know you’ve already been to your favorite coffee shop— twice, but you think just one more espresso will do the trick. I know I’ve been there! So, how do you protect your energy? Even more importantly, how to increase it, harness it, avoid burn out, get more of it, and Read More >

5 Ways to Make Sure You’re Not Mediocre (part 2)

On Thanksgiving, you received the first 5 ways to ensure you’ll never become mediocre. Too busy eating turkey to read it? Click here to get the first 5 today. Here they are, in brief: Keep Learning Self-awareness Contribution mindset Advocate Say “Yes” Here are the final 5 tips to remaining relevant and respected: Celebrate. While the mediocre simply say, “Next,” Read More >

Is There a Difference Between a CEO and a Therapist

After listening to Josh — the CEO of a small business in Maryland — lament about an employee who, “has all the credentials, but doesn’t act like it,” I asked what the problem was. Josh replied, “He needs to ‘man up,’ show up on time, comb his hair, and tuck his shirt,” and this was his short list! Josh was Read More >

No Time For Managing Your Team? Do This Effective Exercise This Holiday Season

With the sheer number of responsibilities continually increasing almost daily, how are you supposed to find time to manage them too? Just like you, your team gets paid to do a job, and wouldn’t it be great if they’d just do it?   While Baby Boomers required very little hand holding, this younger generation doesn’t seem to be able to Read More >

How to Avoid Disengagement

Companies lose precious time and money on employees who simply are not motivated. The Gallup Organization is famously quoted for their research on disengagement – billions, in the U.S. alone.   The days of threatening people (with their job) to get them to care more, or produce better results, are gone. Well, not entirely. They might work harder, but they Read More >

Love Your Work, Or Lose Opportunity

  When I heard about Shay, I got excited and quickly booked an appointment. As an athlete, who prefers torture to relaxation, finding a massage therapist who enjoys giving the kind of pressure I prefer has proven challenging. Having practiced massage myself, I have a special appreciation for therapists who understand the body and aren’t afraid of digging in. My Read More >