Feedback Fix (part1)

This week’s blog is going to be slightly different. I’ve been having a blast getting my latest ebook ready for you. (incase you’re just chiming in, I have an ebook coming out! Shi(f)t: Turning Fecal Matter into Feedback That Matters. All about getting the most out of difficult feedback. The book just launched on Jan 20th! So, for this week’s Read More >

SHI(f)T! Turning Fecal Matter into Feedback that Matters! (podcast)

For the past month or so, I’ve been telling you about an upcoming book launch I have called “SHIFT: Turning Fecal Matter into Feedback that Matters”. It’s an ebook that I’ve been working on that uncovers the hidden gems of receiving feedback. This podcast is going to highlight 2 chapters from that ebook. Want this book? Or the workbook? Both the Read More >

How To Talk To Those Who PISS YOU OFF

We’ve all been there. We think to ourselves: “Why don’t they get it? Clearly they know their behaviors are irritating! They’re doing this just to get under my skin.” Have you ever irritated someone, despite your better intentions? You meant to come across favorably, but somehow your actions weren’t well received. Of course, most of us have been on the Read More >

The Real Reason You’re Not Landing the Job You Want

Clearly your experience, connections, skills, and education make you the right fit, so why aren’t the doors of opportunity swinging wide open? In fact, in some cases, the person hiring has seen you in action and knows what you’re capable of doing. So, what gives? Why don’t you have a list of companies itching to hire you now? Is it Read More >

Get what you want in 2015!

My first year in business, I made a whooping $20,000. And that was mostly from doing massage and person fitness training, two skills I had picked up along the way. At the beginning of my second year, I told my bookkeeper—my sister—I would buy myself a new car if I made $100,000 that year. I promptly forgot about this goal, Read More >