Do You Unknowingly Do This to Your Employees?

What causes employees to shut down and stop sharing their innovative ideas? Why do they lose the enthusiasm they once shared with gusto? Through this podcast, you’ll get a first-hand experience of one employee sharing her very real experience of being shut down. You’ll also discover the secret ingredients of innovation and enthusiasm. Listen in! ——– Thanks to Dexter Britain and Read More >

Let them SEE you Sweat!

What do you do when the intense pressure of success clashes with your better judgment of who to bring onto the team? Do you hire them based on their skills—or access to capital—or do you hope someone better comes along, quickly? Sitting across the table from me, Janet wrestled with the burden of saying “No,” or “Yes” to a potential Read More >

Interview with the Trusted Advisor: Tom Henschel!

  Considering Tom Henschel’s background in television and theater (a graduate of The Julliard School of Music), I focused this interview on uncovering how he helps leaders polish their executive presence. Not surprising, he shared some valuable strategies for: Overcoming the greatest leadership challenge, Conquering exhaustion, Dealing with critical feedback (via 360 assessments, and the like), Achieving the remarkable results Read More >

What to do with Giant Heaps of Criticism

One of our listeners asked: “In the past I have found it difficult to separate my emotions when it comes to criticism I’ve received. Once faced with the criticism it’s difficult where to go from there. It would be great to get an outline on what to do when you get a giant heap of criticism.” Misti answers! Here is Read More >