The #1 Reason You Should Provoke Your Employees

Many people have accidentally provoked greatness, but most leaders want to know what it takes to get others to live into their potential, on purpose. “Misti, if I could take a wire, insert it into your mouth, travel it down your arms to your finger tips, we’d have a writer on our hands today,” Ms. Cays, my high school English teacher said Read More >

3 Simple Ways To Increase Employee Loyalty

Ever met an impatient employee, who wants to “do meaningful work?” Or, “Work they enjoy doing?” What did you do with them? The CEO at the first company I worked for responded to my pleas with, “Misti, what did your parents do to deal with you? It’s clear you have problems with anxiety. Do you take medication for that?” It Read More >

Want to Be Truly Valued and Remembered?: An Interview With Jane Atkinson

Jane Atkinson is a powerful person, with a mission to help speakers elevate their game and transform the lives of those their audiences. She’s so good that I hired her myself! She’s down-to-earth, practical, and vulnerable at the same time. She brought that same level of excellence to this interview. Jane has been helping speakers catapult their careers for over Read More >

Don’t Let Your Fears Paralyze You: Top 5 Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Reaching Greatness

My heart was pounding as we pulled into the parking lot where they had just begun setting up for the big event at High Tide Farm, located directly across the bay from Gibson Island in Maryland. As the aroma of horse dung hit my nose, I took a deep breath and said a silent prayer. I felt the breeze and Read More >

Why You Should Date Your Employees

The real secret to being a great leader is dating your employees. The best leaders on the planet sell us on their ideas. We flock to great brands, and the awesome leaders behind them, because we believe them when they tell us how their products will make our life (and the world) better. Of course, they could never seduce us Read More >

Reaching Success and Significance: An Interview With Dr. Nido Qubein

Beyond being one of the most articulate communicators on the planet, Dr. Nido Qubein is a humble leader, with a waiting line of people eager to be a part of his team. He’s truly one of the most remarkable leaders I’ve ever experienced, and I’m grateful to have a chance to share some of his philosophies with you. During the Read More >

The Secret To Getting The Job You Want

This article—Rethinking Work—was just released by The New York Times. It’s a brilliantly focused on what employers need to do in order to increase employee engagement. The main take away: It’s not the jobs. It’s how we measure success that is killing enthusiasm. This side of the equation—how employers need to change—has been researched and written about ad nauseam for Read More >