5 Practical Steps to Protecting Your Energy

Ever find yourself exhausted, but in need of energy? You know you’ve already been to your favorite coffee shop— twice, but you think just one more espresso will do the trick. I know I’ve been there! So, how do you protect your energy? Even more importantly, how to increase it, harness it, avoid burn out, get more of it, and Read More >

The Most Important Gifts of 2015

What’s the first gift you remember opening? Was it the toy you’d been dreaming about, the socks you didn’t think needed to be wrapped, or the bike you could hardly wait to master? While I don’t remember the first gift I opened, I do remember the way I opened it. My brother, Jim, and I managed to open all of Read More >

Avoid Uber-Syndrome or Being Uber-ized: An Interview With Richard Sheridan, Co-Founder, Menlo Innovations

From kid programmer in 1971 to Forbes cover story in 2003, Richard Sheridan, author of Joy, Inc., has gone beyond creating a joyful company culture to teaching leaders around the globe how to do it. While it’s easy to think such valuable company environments are created through a simple step-by-step process, Rich shares the real story behind Menlo Innovations, a Read More >

How To Make Sure This Is Your Best Year Yet

Nearly everyone wants to achieve greatness—results they care deeply about. Few do. Why? There is no simple answer to that question, but there is a simple 4-step formula that is certain to set you up for the best year of your life. Here are the top 4 elements I discuss in the video above: Go for Greatness. Avoid “familiarity” and Read More >

Should You Fire Them?

Should you fire talented employees who frequently turn work in late and call in sick? If you could just get them to start working on projects sooner, they wouldn’t have to overexert themselves, wind up sick, and miss another deadline. How about the ones who hoard information and don’t play well with others? Don’t they understand that the company’s success Read More >

Stop Throwing Monkey Wrenches at Yourself

Moments after I hung up the phone, my mind started racing, my stomach tightened, and I had to go for a walk. “You just threw that opportunity away, Misti! And—it was perfect,” the voice inside my head screamed. One week earlier, I had received a phone call from Bill, a guy in charge of booking speakers at an event for Read More >