Gain Clarify and Confidence—Get Unstuck: An Interview With Joel Boggess

Joel Boggess is an incredibly generous author, coach, and podcaster who loves his two Golden Retrievers. Throughout the podcast, he not only shared simple techniques for getting unstuck, and increasing your confidence, he also gave a personal example of a challenge he’s addressing right now. It has to do with his belief about being an entreprenuer. Thinking of yourself as Read More >

Awareosity: How to Resurrect Your Curiosity

Happiness and relevancy are made from the same material: Awareosity + tenacity. Several years ago, I fell into the trap of believing that hunkering down and working harder would alleviate the fear and anxiety I was feeling and bring purpose to my life. Plugging away at my computer for hours every day, I struggled to understand why these emotions raged Read More >

The Power of Love at the Office

Loving your customers makes good business sense. Show them some love, and they’ll reward you by purchasing more and raving about you, which hopefully leads to more love affairs, purchases, and ultimately growth. Loving on your boss makes good business sense too. Do remarkable work, and thank her for entrusting you with the project, and she’s likely to give you Read More >

How to Make Sure Your Marketing Stays Up-To-Date: An Interview With Bill Carmody, CEO, Trepoint

A pioneer in website development for big business, winner of numerous awards for his work in marketing, Bill Carmody simplifies marketing and makes his strategies available and easy to understand. During the interview, Bill talked about the critical steps to gaining clarity in your marketing: Congratulate yourself when/if you recognize that you don’t know the “why” behind your business. Reconnect Read More >

God (or the Universe, if you prefer) has a great sense of humor…

I pray every day, sometimes several times a day.  I pray for clarity and opportunity—to speak, coach, and elicit meaningful conversations—to share the gifts that God has given me. I’m not a religious person, but I am spiritual, and the word God works for me. My one request of God: “Open the door.” My promise: “I’ll walk through it.” Recently, Read More >

Shut Up and Listen

“How old are you?” John asked, after I had shared a bit about my history, why I do this work, and a few of the results I’ve helped leaders create. “Why does it matter?” I asked, wondering if he’d been listening to me. “It lets me know how much experience you’ve had on this planet.” Having met several wise teenagers, Read More >