Know When To Get Out Of The Way For Growth

Neatly stacked piles of paper with research from Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford sat on the table as we began our discussion about the event we were planning. “What’s that?” I asked my soul sister and colleague, Mali Phonpadith, excited to talk about how we can pull our resources together and co-produce a retreat for executives seeking breakthroughs in leadership. With Read More >

Why It’s Lonely At The Top, And What To Do About It: An Interview With Richard Sheridan, Co-Founder, Menlo Innovations

Back in December, I had the great privilege of capturing Rich’s simple system for building a life, company, and career that spreads joy across the globe. For more on that interview, click here. This time around I wanted to get Rich’s perspective on why it’s lonely at the top, and some strategies for increasing connection and joy from the top. Read More >

The Simplest Way To Figure Out What You Should Do Next With Your Career

While anger, irritation, frustration, and sadness are generally undesirable, they can be quite useful in uncovering the difference we need to make. Complaining is another clue to pay attention to—the stronger and more consistent the complaint, the greater the potential opportunity. It’s easy to complain and criticize—to sit in the stands, drink beer, eat hot dogs, and curse at (I Read More >

How To Let Love Inspire Your Leadership: A Raw Conversation between Anese Cavanaugh and Misti Burmeister

Love is a strong word that many reserve for close friends and family. But what results can love offer in a leadership context? What does love at the office even mean? These are the questions that drove this unique conversation between two women who have worked with hundreds of leaders in corporations throughout the globe. Listen in. Here’s to Your Read More >

Create A Contagious Culture: An Interview With Anese Cavanaugh

OMGosh, Anese Cavanaugh is amazing. She’s authentic, passionate, and deeply committed to helping you show up, powerfully. Whether you’re seeking to strengthen your leadership presence, increase your energy, or improve confidence throughout your team, listen to this interview! Top innovators and executives in companies like IDEO, Zingerman’s, Cooper, Joie de Vivre, Fitbit, and others have engaged with Anese to strengthen Read More >

Is Asking For Help A Sign Of Weakness?

In a society that treasures independence, we struggle with the notion that we should ever need help. “If I ask you, then I owe you,” ripples through our minds as we sit inside the safety of our home, wishing for freedom and complaining about our circumstances. Besides, even if we did ask, we risk the possibility that you might say Read More >