Here’s What Happens When You Believe In Your Team

Two of the greatest lies destroying our workforce today are: we can’t earn a living using our God-given talents & my employees don’t care. In reality, we all want to use our natural talents to help our team, company, community, country, and our world—we just don’t always believe we can, and so we unconsciously sabotage ourselves in the process. Great Read More >

Getting Them To Want Your Stuff

People who want your stuff—want your stuff. You don’t have to force the gift that is you. The right people come and the wrong ones go. Your job is to focus on the ones who stay, even after you risked the possibility of rejection on the deepest level. Reject who I was pretending to be? No problem. Reject, or avoid Read More >

How to Evolve, Graciously

Last week, I talked about how to give yourself permission to struggle (evolve). In this post, I share what I think of as the most important element to our personal growth. Acknowledging the difficulty of evolution is the perfect place to begin. Recognizing the sheer challenge of our own evolution gives us permission to struggle. Sounds crazy—who wants permission to Read More >

5 Critical Elements to Innovation in Healthcare and Beyond: An Interview Jennifer Ruzek Liebermann, Director, Garfield Health Care Innovation Center at Kaiser Permanente

Jennifer R. Liebermann’s passion is not only infectious… it is literally transforming the way an entire industry thinks about health care and leadership. If you want to gain access to truth behind what it takes to create collaboration and innovation, listen to this podcast! Jennifer Liebermann is a Kaiser Permanente “intrapraneur” who is passionate about shaping the future of health.  Read More >

How to Give Yourself Permission To Struggle (Evolve)

Having moved many times in my life, I’d grown accustomed to the (hidden) benefit of starting over—zero expectations. When you’re brand new to a community, they don’t know what to expect, and so you have a chance to try on new behaviors and beliefs. Changing the way we show up for people who have come to expect certain behaviors and Read More >