One Farmers Strategy for Continuously Reigniting Growth

Last week, I took a trip out to Spooks, Virginia. It’s located in Shenandoah Valley, and man is it beautiful there! It also happens to be where Polyface Farms is located. For those of you who follow the sustainable farming movement, or watched Food Inc—a documentary on sustainable solutions to food production—you might remember Joel Salatin. He’s the man behind Read More >

3 Critical Questions To Ask Before Promoting Anyone Into Leadership

Some people hustle so well, and produce such exceptional results that a promotion to leadership is clearly in order. You bring them into your office, celebrate their success, eat some delicious cake, and award them with a team to lead.   Nearly a year later, you’re scratching your head, confused by their poor attitude, and irritated at their results, or Read More >

Do You Unknowingly Do This to Your Employees?

What causes employees to shut down and stop sharing their innovative ideas? Why do they lose the enthusiasm they once shared with gusto? Through this podcast, you’ll get a first-hand experience of one employee sharing her very real experience of being shut down. You’ll also discover the secret ingredients of innovation and enthusiasm. Listen in! ——– Thanks to Dexter Britain and Read More >

What to do with Giant Heaps of Criticism

One of our listeners asked: “In the past I have found it difficult to separate my emotions when it comes to criticism I’ve received. Once faced with the criticism it’s difficult where to go from there. It would be great to get an outline on what to do when you get a giant heap of criticism.” Misti answers! Here is Read More >

No Time For Managing Your Team? Do This Effective Exercise This Holiday Season

With the sheer number of responsibilities continually increasing almost daily, how are you supposed to find time to manage them too? Just like you, your team gets paid to do a job, and wouldn’t it be great if they’d just do it?   While Baby Boomers required very little hand holding, this younger generation doesn’t seem to be able to Read More >

How to keep your power

Why does one person see “passionate” while another sees “offensive,” or “disagreeable?” Why does one leader see problems while the other sees potential? Because everybody sees through the lens of their own unique experiences, challenges, and successes. Understanding this puts you in a position of power. When you agree that what you’re seeing is based on your perspective, you have Read More >

How to get them to care

Want to see an increase in energy and enthusiasm in folks on your team? Are you ready for the rewards of a highly accountable, determined, and committed team? In this podcast, I interviewed LN Lurie, my audio engineer, to give some insight into the key factors that cause 25,000 people to climb Mount Kilimanjaro every year. The interview is less Read More >

7 Questions to Reveal What’s Truly Important to You

Often, what we say we value and what we act as though we value are two different  things. That’s why it’s important to gain clarity about what’s actually showing up. When you know where you are in the moment—what you’re acting as though you value—then you can make adjustments based on the values you want to exude. In this podcast you Read More >

Interview with Bestselling Author, Turn The Ship Around, David Marquet

After we launched our podcast “Culture” (ep8), we got a slew of positive emails requesting more on, “How do I fix my culture?”  Recently, I had the opportunity to interview David Marquet (Best-selling author of the book “Turn The Ship Around”) who shared many excellent, and specific, steps to take. His brilliance is noted within this podcast.  Through this podcast, Read More >