There has not been a more opportune time for Grammy winners to step up and stand out.

With the world watching (and many in fear over the recession), each of them has the perfect opportunity to inspire us through their stories. Certainly each of them has gotten to where they are through their hard work and zillions of people who have supported them throughout their career.

Their fame and spotlight provides a brilliant platform to teach others how to focus on their brilliance, contribute to society and help others. I welcome all the Grammy winners to share their stories of struggle, provide a gateway to others who are striving to reach their dreams and, in doing so, build our community.

Imagine the difference it will make when the Grammy winners reach out to their community and look for ways to be of support through using all of their resources – the most important of which is their time and connections.

Rock on!

Misti Burmeister, best-selling Author of “From Boomers To Bloggers: Success Strategies Across Generations”