Are you ready to thrive in this economy? Many people are taking this day off, perhaps enjoying a movie or two, going out for lunch or simply hanging out with friends/family. Taking some time to relax and enjoy this day is an excellent idea and I welcome you to consider adding one more thing to your day.

Whether you are taking this day off or working, I encourage you to designate 30 minutes for an exercise that could literally take you from worrying to excited – from fear to focus. Are you ready? First select your 30 minutes of completely undistributed time. Yep, push yourself away from your computer, pull yourself off your couch, turn off that pesky phone, lock all doors and get ready.

The answers to the following questions will, without question, take you to the next level. Well, the answers are truly just the beginning. The days that follow will be the real clincher. Ready, Aim, Fire. The questions get you ready, the answers help you aim and the ACTION help you fire.

Three key questions:

  1. It’s 5 years down the road – where am I? (98%* of people run away when they are asked this question – be a part of the 2% and answer the question). What skills have I acquired? What experiences have I gained? How much money have I earned? What kind of house am I living in? How are my personal relationships?
  2. How am I helping other people achieve their goals right now? If you cannot immediately think of who you are helping, please write down 3 names of people you will begin helping and locate 3 ways you can help them. Is it through connections, sharing a skill set you have, inviting them over for a meal or making a few phone calls on their behalf? There are so many ways to help people – ask them what they need, listen and get into action.
  3. How do you know you are valuable to your organization? How do you contribute to the bottom line? How can you begin contributing? What are you doing to ensure your organization continues to thrive during “these” times?

People who know where they are going, consistently look for ways to help others and are clear about their value within their company (if you are an entrepreneur, I welcome you to consider your value to your customers). They are consistently looking for ways to add value to their company – their friends/family/colleagues – their community. What are you doing?

“While the hurricanes and tornados get all the publicity, did you know termites do more damage?” – Zig Ziglar

One step at a time, superstars! First, take 30 minutes with the questions, then email me for your second step. (

Rock on!


Misti Burmeister

*Okay, so I made up that percentage. The exact percent is always shifting – it’s also always above 90%.