Considering Tom Henschel’s background in television and theater (a graduate of The Julliard School of Music), I focused this interview on uncovering how he helps leaders polish their executive presence.

Not surprising, he shared some valuable strategies for:

  • Overcoming the greatest leadership challenge,
  • Conquering exhaustion,
  • Dealing with critical feedback (via 360 assessments, and the like),
  • Achieving the remarkable results through others, rather than doing it all yourself,
  • How to build profitable relationships with your employees.

During this interview, Tom referred to an excellent book: The Trusted Advisor, which has excellent reviews on Amazon. Check it out.

Also, you can find out more about Tom by visiting: Essential Communications.

P.S. His podcast is exceptional, and it’s free – check it out, on iTunes: The Look & Sound of Leadership.

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