While the majority of employees are worried about keeping their jobs, few are excited about this opportunity. Likewise, most employers think the tables have turned and now employees will work harder because they have to – that is, if they want to keep their jobs.

If you’re an employer who appreciates dedicated, hard-working professionals, who assume personal responsibility for the results they produce, now is the time to step up and provide opportunities for this select few.

Organizations using this recession as an opportunity to build trust and loyalty among their team will inevitably come out on top. That’s right, keep your eyes open for the ones stepping up, asking how they can be of support during this time. Locate and reward these contributors.

Imagine the message you will be sending when you highlight the team members committed to the long-term success of your organization. Conversely, when leaders reward and applaud everyone the same, no one stands out.

The following are 3 keys to attracting and retaining top contributors across generations during this recession:

  1. Highlight. Look for and highlight those who are stepping it up during this time. Send out an organization-wide email applauding the actions taken by key performers. Looking to attract excellence? Ask your top performers who they recommend you get to know.
  2. Dish it out. Reward your top performer with cash bonuses, time off and unique training and development opportunities – an executive coach, technical training or a leadership opportunity are great ways to appreciate your top performers.
  3. Clarify Your Vision. Right now is the perfect opportunity to ensure your team knows where the bus is heading and how they fit into the long-term picture. You want them engaged? Make sure they know how they contribute to the success of your organization!

The best of employers will harness the opportunity within this recession. They will, without question, come out with the best employees, who are committed, focused and loyal. Loyal, committed and dedicated employers attract the same in employees. What’s your commitment?

For additional information on using this recession to attract the best, call me directly at 703.865.6033.

Rock on!

Misti Burmeister