Snow, Ice and Sliding


Cars don’t slide into ditches or crash into each other because of a few flakes of snow. But once snow and ice have accumulated, the conditions can quite literally cause a 15-car pileup.

Words of encouragement work the same way.

Some people have heard positive words of affirmation thousands of times throughout their lives – encouraging sentiments like “There’s nothing you cannot do. You’re talented. Do more of that; you light up when you’re doing it. You are wonderful to be around, and I appreciate you.”

In fact, they’ve heard such things so often that they buy into the idea. Their self-talk mimics the words above, and because they believe such positive things about themselves and their potential, those things become true.

The problem is that many of us rarely, if ever, hear those words. Somehow we make it into our careers hearing quite the opposite – and we believe it!

Of course, most of us want to achieve great things in our lives. And the vast majority of us are already A+ performers. Most of us just don’t know it … yet!

We haven’t had others point out our gifts. So, instead of focusing on the positive, our self-talk is more about how we’re “not good enough” or even “worthless.” We don’t see our talents as assets, nor do we know how to use them to build something really great – something we can be proud of.

This is where truly remarkable individuals come in. These people (sometimes leaders and often extraordinary friends and mentors) see beneath the haze of lies that we’ve bought into, point out our talents, provide a vision of what’s possible, and stand in support of us until we also see this truth.

Just like one – or even several – flakes of snow, delivered after weeks of warm weather, will melt away before accumulating, we simply don’t slide into excellence without a barrage of positive words, actions and successes.

The great news is that they do add up over time – and begin to stick. Truth does find its way to belief, but only for those leaders committed to seeing it through.

Sure, some people already know they’re talented, but others don’t. So while most leaders go out in search of A+ performers, truly remarkable leaders uncover them.

They can’t help but see untapped potential. They can’t help but insist on excellence, and they remember the value of a snowball, tightly packed.

Here’s to Your Greatness,

Misti Burmeister

P.S. The gift of hosting the Provoking Your Greatness podcast has provided me the luxury to gift you with some of the most inspiring and instructional interviews with the most down-to-earth and powerful people on the planet. Take a listen to my top two favorites of 2015: Shelia Callahan & Richard Sheridan – Enjoy!

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