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Speak your truth – then modify your expression over time. Too many people worry about what/how they say something and often never say anything because they are afraid of how they may come across.

We’ve all heard it – “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” What’s tactless to one person might be brilliant to another. Worrying about what others might think could ensure you don’t upset someone, but it might also rob you of the right to say what’s true for you.

As a woman who has shoved my foot in my mouth more than once, I’ve learned to consider my words a bit more before speaking. I’ve learned to laugh at my mistakes and move on, choosing to focus on my growth rather than the stupid thing I said.

“Are successful people blunt or tactful?” The real answer is in the combination of the two: bluntful! I know, it’s not a word… well, at least not until I go to dictionary.com and add it! The definition? “To speak your truth in the most tactful way possible.” This definition takes into account the number of experiences you’ve had speaking your truth. So, if you’ve only had a few, then you get more leeway.

Since there really is no “truth,” I say go out and speak yours!