Swim Across America




We crave adventure, yet the vast majority of us refuse the call when it comes. No matter how smart, or brave we are, sometimes the opportunity that surfaces seems absurd.

Yet, innovation and creativity require absurdity.

In this podcast, I highlight a story of absurdity that has led to more breakthroughs and clarity than I could have ever imagined.

Through this podcast you will learn the number one reason to say “yes,” and gain inspiration on overcoming fear. Enjoy!

A Special “Thank you” to those who contributed to this podcast:

Thanks to Dexter Britain and Gillycuddy for their music contributions.

Find out more about Swim Across America: http://www.swimacrossamerica.org/site/TR/OpenWater/Baltimore?px=1175827&pg=personal&fr_id=2741

And LN Lurie for producing this podcast. www.LNLurie.com

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