The Key To Making Criticism Useful

Ever experience the gut-wrenching sucker punch that leaves you ready to drop kick someone, either literally or with your words? This feeling often comes right after someone tells you what a terrible job you did, how you should have done something differently, or how disappointed s/he is that you didn’t know better. The feeling is exacerbated, along with the reaction Read More >

What to do with Giant Heaps of Criticism

One of our listeners asked: “In the past I have found it difficult to separate my emotions when it comes to criticism I’ve received. Once faced with the criticism it’s difficult where to go from there. It would be great to get an outline on what to do when you get a giant heap of criticism.” Misti answers! Here is Read More >

Feedback Fix (part1)

This week’s blog is going to be slightly different. I’ve been having a blast getting my latest ebook ready for you. (incase you’re just chiming in, I have an ebook coming out! Shi(f)t: Turning Fecal Matter into Feedback That Matters. All about getting the most out of difficult feedback. The book just launched on Jan 20th! So, for this week’s Read More >

The Thing About Feedback

“If your intention in giving someone feedback is to judge or criticize, you’ll fail to inspire a shift in their behavior.” — Misti Burmeister For many leaders, feedback is simply not an easy thing to give. Some worry about inflating egos, while others fear destroying self-esteem. There are many great articles and books about giving feedback (heck, I’ve even written Read More >