How To Find The Right Person For The Job

Ever find yourself scratching your head in disbelief just months after hiring the person you thought was the perfect fit? “They were eager, skilled, and even came highly recommended,” you thought to yourself, “Why are (or aren’t) they doing____?” you lament, frustrated with them. Of course, the experience is equally unnerving for the person who accepted the position— “Why did Read More >

Who’s Borrowing Your Strength?

Think of the person on your team whose actions or inactions are garnering them negative publicity. You know the person—the one your colleagues and leadership team keeps worrying and complaining about. In your mind, you hear yourself thinking— “If they’d just be quiet long enough they’d get the answer they’re looking for.” “Don’t they know they should take ownership of Read More >

Why It’s Important To Waste Time

When asked what it was like to be blind, Helen Keller said, “It’s much better to have no sight than it is not to have a vision.” While some people seem to be born with a clear vision for their life that naturally morphs into their career and inspires their team, most of us have to take the time to Read More >

7 Quick Tips to Make Performance Reviews Effective

Imagine standing inside a giant jar of jellybeans, minus the beans and delicious smell. Looking through the glass, you can see there is a label, but you cannot figure out what it says. You can also see dozens of other people, all within their respective jars, none of whom can see what’s written on their own label. You can see Read More >

How to Keep Growing

In my last blog post, I provided practical steps for resurrecting your curiosity. Inflow and Outflow are two critical elements I discussed at the end of that post. To keep the inflow of ideas surging through you, follow your curiosity. And, remember that sharing what you’re learning is an excellent way to keep the full cycle in motion. When you Read More >

The Power of Love at the Office

Loving your customers makes good business sense. Show them some love, and they’ll reward you by purchasing more and raving about you, which hopefully leads to more love affairs, purchases, and ultimately growth. Loving on your boss makes good business sense too. Do remarkable work, and thank her for entrusting you with the project, and she’s likely to give you Read More >

How To Make Sure This Is Your Best Year Yet

Nearly everyone wants to achieve greatness—results they care deeply about. Few do. Why? There is no simple answer to that question, but there is a simple 4-step formula that is certain to set you up for the best year of your life. Here are the top 4 elements I discuss in the video above: Go for Greatness. Avoid “familiarity” and Read More >

Should You Fire Them?

Should you fire talented employees who frequently turn work in late and call in sick? If you could just get them to start working on projects sooner, they wouldn’t have to overexert themselves, wind up sick, and miss another deadline. How about the ones who hoard information and don’t play well with others? Don’t they understand that the company’s success Read More >

Stop Throwing Monkey Wrenches at Yourself

Moments after I hung up the phone, my mind started racing, my stomach tightened, and I had to go for a walk. “You just threw that opportunity away, Misti! And—it was perfect,” the voice inside my head screamed. One week earlier, I had received a phone call from Bill, a guy in charge of booking speakers at an event for Read More >

7 Simple Ways To Say “Thank You” To Your Team

The following are 7 simple ways to say Thank You to your team this year, and all throughout 2016: Pause, and write your list of the specific qualities you’re authentically grateful for in each team member. Are they excellent with excel, public speaking, or maybe negotiating? Rather than simply say, “I appreciate you, or Thank you,” get specific. Gift cards Read More >