Attract The Best Talent With This Key Question

It’s true—most hiring managers look at work history and education to decide if someone is worth interviewing. It makes sense, though. After all, they want to ensure the person has the right skills and experiences to align with their needs. But what about those special few, whose passion and dedication far exceed those with more education and work experience? Do Read More >

Finding the Right Employee for an Immediate Hire Position

Remember Kristina from last Thursday’s blog post? Well, six months after sending her resume to a headhunter, Kristina had several interviews lined up. One company wishing to fill a key position brought her in for an interview with a few key people, and she received a letter from the CEO that same day, welcoming her on board. After thanking him Read More >

Interns- Hindrance or Help?

 “The more effort you put into helping them succeed at your company, the more helpful they will be to your company.”— Misti Burmeister If you’re overworked and can’t afford to hire an assistant, an intern or two might seem like a good solution. You get some free or low-cost help and they get some valuable experience. But here’s the catch: Interns don’t always Read More >