How To Get Out of Your Own Way

Just four short years ago, I didn’t know how to swim. I mean, I could doggy paddy, but keeping my face in the water while swimming was not possible. I couldn’t imagine it would ever be possible either. I remember the absurdity of it all when I went to my first coached swim class and listened to Annie, our swim Read More >

How To Deal With That Employee Who Is Always Late

Ever have someone on your team who is always late? Annoyed, you ignore it for a while, hoping it will resolve itself. “Surely, they know it’s not acceptable,” you think to yourself as they walk into the office (or the meeting) late again. You shot them the look, hoping this time they’ll get the point. With that, you let it Read More >

Leadership: Here’s How Simple it is to Promote Team Cohesion

Why do leaders struggle to create collaborative work environments where team members step up and do whatever it takes to create remarkable results? Is it because they haven’t set a vision that is compelling enough? Maybe. Is it because they haven’t counseled their team enough about the importance of working together, despite the weekly—no daily—reminders? Probably not. Is it because Read More >

Energy, Enthusiasm and Economic Downturns

They should is a trap that kills enthusiasm and growth faster than any economic downturn ever could. When you catch yourself thinking, “They should or shouldn’t,” stop and ask yourself, “How can I help them reach their goals?” Consider letting go of the shoulds (work harder, pay their dues, respect me) and shouldn’ts (go above me, think so highly of Read More >

How Stagnation Leads to Poaching…With Customers and Employees

Greatness chases greatness. Companies and leaders in continuous pursuit of evolution (personal/company brand), worry more about keeping up with demand then poaching. On the flipside, those who hoard resources and acknowledgment wind up losing their most precious assets to the competition. Sitting in one of the nicest business clubs in Washington, DC, just before the start of an event, Lena, Read More >

10 Daily Steps to Increasing Self-Confidence at Work

Confidence in nearly every endeavor comes with a sense of knowing or familiarity. In sports, strengthening the fundamentals is key to making critical decisions in a split second. The same thing is true when it comes to gaining confidence in yourself. Confidence in yourself increases in direct portion to self-awareness. The more experience you have with self-talk, the more confidence Read More >

What’s being provoked in us at this time? Sister Jenna of America Meditating Radio Interviews Misti Burmeister

Being interviewed by such a powerfully present spiritual leader was one of the most special experiences of my career—Thank you, Sister Jenna. During this short interview, we talked about how this year’s presidential election has the potential to instigate in U.S. citizens. We discussed how we can use these time to move us closer to our individual and collective greatness. Read More >

Here’s the One Big Difference Between Begging and Magnetizing

Ever been in a touristy area where you were bombarded with restaurant staff doing their best dance to get your into their establishment? Often, they start with their own version of “hello,” and then quickly make their way to, “Come eat?” The first couple of times, saying, “No, thank you,” is no big deal. But after a while it gets Read More >

Reaching Your Potential: Know Yourself—Daily Journal Prompts

We don’t bat an eye at spending countless hours researching and figuring out how to use our new cell phone and all the awesome applications we’ve downloaded. We invest our time, money, and resources in getting the best gadgets on the planet, forgetting that we are our most valuable resource. Imagine the difference you could make for yourself if you Read More >

How To Turn Your Team Into Hustlers

Not in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined that a young man, in a hoodie, talking hoodlum to his buddies through his wrist phone at a local coffee shop, could ever turn me into a hustler for his business. But—it happened, and here’s how… With 17% battery, he squeezed in right beside me at the tall table facing Read More >