How To Get Out of Your Own Way

Just four short years ago, I didn’t know how to swim. I mean, I could doggy paddy, but keeping my face in the water while swimming was not possible. I couldn’t imagine it would ever be possible either. I remember the absurdity of it all when I went to my first coached swim class and listened to Annie, our swim Read More >

The Simplest Way To Figure Out What You Should Do Next With Your Career

While anger, irritation, frustration, and sadness are generally undesirable, they can be quite useful in uncovering the difference we need to make. Complaining is another clue to pay attention to—the stronger and more consistent the complaint, the greater the potential opportunity. It’s easy to complain and criticize—to sit in the stands, drink beer, eat hot dogs, and curse at (I Read More >

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

“Resist the desire to control everything, and you will open yourself up to possibilities.” — Misti Burmeister I can be a know-it-all – at least on occasion. Hard to imagine, right? But alas, it happens, particularly in high-stress situations. Poor Reggie, the chief mover who helped me relocate from the fifth to the second floor of my apartment building, learned Read More >