5 Key Elements To Helping Your Colleagues Overcome Fears After a Promotion

Ever work with someone who, after promoted, starts acting… weird? Before the promotion, they were pleasant, focused, hard working, and a joy to work with. After the promotion, they begin running themselves ragged, refusing to lean on others. Or, worse yet, they become demanding and aggressive in pursuit of perfection. Have you seen these behaviors in your colleagues, or maybe Read More >

3 Critical Questions To Ask Before Promoting Anyone Into Leadership

Some people hustle so well, and produce such exceptional results that a promotion to leadership is clearly in order. You bring them into your office, celebrate their success, eat some delicious cake, and award them with a team to lead.   Nearly a year later, you’re scratching your head, confused by their poor attitude, and irritated at their results, or Read More >

What’s Your 24-Pack Idea?

“Take the risks necessary to achieve your goals. Others are watching and will follow your lead.”— Misti Burmeister Route 1 runs through the center of Dewey Beach, Delaware. My first trip there was during winter, and the place was such a ghost town that the “Quiet Area” signs off the main route seemed like a joke. This summer, however, I realized Read More >