The Key To Staying Focused When Your Motivation Is Low

Ever find yourself wanting to stay motivated, but struggling with the sheer amount of work that needs to be done as you reach for your third cup of triple espresso? Your heart and body are ready to run fifteen marathons, but your brain is… still tired. What gives, and how do you keep your energy and momentum vibrant with a Read More >

How To Be A Better Leader Than Your Boss

Ever experience such remarkably terrible leadership that you decided, “When I get the opportunity to lead, I will do things differently. I’ll never treat my team that way.” Feeling suffocated and unsupported, you begin looking for your chance to show them how it’s done. Then you get your opportunity, interview carefully for your open position, select the best candidate, and Read More >

Why Building Trust Is Crucial Toward Providing Meaningful Feedback

“Are you serious? Is she really wearing a black thong under a light colored dress? That’s inappropriate,” Justine, a fellow runner said moments after our large group took our seats at a local restaurant. It was a beautiful September day, we had just finished a 5K, and we scored outdoor seating at a tasty restaurant. Life was good. Except for Read More >

Get Your Team to Stop Arguing and Start Collaborating

Ever find yourself spending gobs of time playing mediator between teams, wishing they would find a way to work together? If they just understood each other, you wouldn’t have to spend so much time and energy helping each side understand the other. You’re ready to free yourself of having to deal with these constant misunderstandings, but you’re just not sure Read More >

How To Use Anger To Strengthen Trust

Seeking understanding is the last thing we want to do when someone has offended us, tainted our reputation, or put us in harm’s way. It’s far easier to hold tightly to our beliefs, keep our anger, and strengthen our story by gathering all the necessary data and buy-in from others. It’s risky to seek their perspective and listen openly and Read More >

Why Procrastination Is Not Your Problem

Do you remember when you were a kid and really wanted a bowl of delicious ice cream for dessert? Yes, a bowl. Several scoops, with gobs of toppings. And, you wanted it as your main course, not just dessert. But, you knew your parents wouldn’t go for that, so you pushed your carrots around, ate your potatoes, and had a Read More >

Is Asking For Help A Sign Of Weakness?

In a society that treasures independence, we struggle with the notion that we should ever need help. “If I ask you, then I owe you,” ripples through our minds as we sit inside the safety of our home, wishing for freedom and complaining about our circumstances. Besides, even if we did ask, we risk the possibility that you might say Read More >

7 Simple Ways To Say “Thank You” To Your Team

The following are 7 simple ways to say Thank You to your team this year, and all throughout 2016: Pause, and write your list of the specific qualities you’re authentically grateful for in each team member. Are they excellent with excel, public speaking, or maybe negotiating? Rather than simply say, “I appreciate you, or Thank you,” get specific. Gift cards Read More >

3 Simple Ways To Increase Employee Loyalty

Ever met an impatient employee, who wants to “do meaningful work?” Or, “Work they enjoy doing?” What did you do with them? The CEO at the first company I worked for responded to my pleas with, “Misti, what did your parents do to deal with you? It’s clear you have problems with anxiety. Do you take medication for that?” It Read More >

Why You Should Date Your Employees

The real secret to being a great leader is dating your employees. The best leaders on the planet sell us on their ideas. We flock to great brands, and the awesome leaders behind them, because we believe them when they tell us how their products will make our life (and the world) better. Of course, they could never seduce us Read More >