Why Establishing Core Values is a Waste of Time and Money

Company culture experts urge leaders to establish clearly defined values to serve as a guide for decisions and behaviors throughout an organization. To ensure they have the best representation of the values shared among those in leadership, companies often spend gobs of cash and time on experts who ultimately produce a document aligning the most common ideals. Mounted on the Read More >

3 Steps to Resolving Team Conflict

Your Question: How do I resolve team conflict? How do I get team members to move past their history and associated baggage to do what is best for the team or organization? My Answer: This question is often posed from a “generational conflict” perspective, yet the solution is very much the same. Conflict between team members from different generations arises Read More >

Why They’re Not Doing Their Jobs (repost)

***NOTE: To celebrate our 1-year anniversary of podcasting, this is a re-post of our first episode!  Man, we’ve come a long way! Thank you for this journey and stay tuned for lots more this year. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, most of us have relationships on the brain. But consider this: Have you ever met a new love interest Read More >

Exclusive Interview with Wayne Coffey

How do you develop trust on your team? How do you even know you have picked the right team members? How do you align your people with your vision? Are values even important? In this interview with Wayne Coffey, CEO and Founder of Coffey & Company, he shares his journey from wrangling cattle to harnessing talent. Through his story, you Read More >

Why Passionate Employees Quit

“To discover the values you represent, take time at the end of each day to ask yourself the following question: How did I spend my time today?”— Misti Burmeister Shaun Callahan is a passionate, music-loving “people person” with strong connections in Baltimore, Maryland. He is fun, creative, highly talented, and dedicated to excellence… always! After several years in corporate sales, he Read More >