While most people think a recession increases productivity, the opposite is actually true. Research shows that people become less productive and, in fact, companies become less effective during a recession. Why?

The simple answer…fear. Most people are too busy worrying about what will happen to their job, their business or their career. Few are willing to pull their team or colleagues together and talk about what’s happening and most importantly what they can do to be a part of the solution.

You want to harness this opportunity? If you are already in a leadership position, bring your team together and share all you’re allowed to share. More importantly, provide a space for your team to share their concerns. Most importantly, get them focused on being a part of the solution – ask them to generate ideas.

If you are seeking to be in a leadership position, go to your leadership team and ask what you can do to be of support. Do your research – go to them with ideas and assume responsibility for the actions required to make your ideas come to fruition. Enlist the support of your colleagues to help you achieve the results, which will ultimately help your organization pull through this recession – this is leadership.

Want to skyrocket your career? Step up! Your title, generation or experience level are irrelevant – you’re focused on being a part of the solution.

Rock on!

Misti Burmeister