While most leaders think productivity increases during a recession, the opposite is actually true. Since people are worried about keeping their jobs, don’t they want to work harder to ensure they keep their job? No! The time spent worrying about their job takes their attention away from doing their job.

So, how do you ensure your team is the most productive and engaged during this time? Great leaders remember to communicate, recognize and motivate their employees, especially during these times.

Here are some proven methods for making sure communication, recognition and motivation become a part of your daily routine:

· Make team meetings a part of your weekly “to do” list. Set aside 30 minutes of your week to pull your team together – virtually or live – and talk about successes, failures and future opportunities.

· Write hand-written notes to your team letting them know how much you appreciate their contribution. The best way to ensure you do this is to purchase a stack of note cards and put them where you will see them several times throughout the day. Write a minimum of one/day.

· At the start of every day, put 7 coins in your right pocket (or whatever side is the least familiar). As you compliment/appreciate someone, move the coin to the other pocket. For those that like public appreciation, find a way to thank them publicly; likewise, appreciate people in private who prefer it that way.

· Keep your door open unless you need to focus. This small gesture let’s others know you’re approachable. When someone interrupts you during an important task, acknowledge their presence and ask them if it can wait until a set time.

· Encourage your team to share ideas/strategies with each other. You will naturally increase communication/collaboration as you recognize those who are doing it.

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