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What would you do if…


You spent time thinking through, buying (or creating), the perfect gift for someone you appreciate, only to have him or her either throw it in the trash, or refuse to accept it?


“That’s nice,” they say, “but I’m sure I’m not the least bit worthy of this gift.”


Would you ever give that person a gift again? Probably not. I wouldn’t.


Well, maybe you would, but certainly not one that takes much time or effort. Instead, you’d reserve your thoughtful gifts for those who appreciate your effort.


Even a simple, “Thank you,” is enough, right? It’s not like you need them to drag on and on about how great you are for giving such a wonderful gift.


Nah – a heart-felt, “Thank you,” really is enough, isn’t it?


I can see you nodding your head, in full agreement with this concept. It really is quite simple and obvious for most, and yet few understand its significance when it comes in the form of kind words, or a compliment.


“Awe… you’re so nice, but I’m not really that great,” you say, without realizing you’ve just rejected a gift that took time and courage to create and share.


It’s time to grow beyond the limiting belief of, “I’ll look ‘big headed,’ or arrogant, if I accept, and therefore agree with, their kind words.”


Accept their gift—appreciate their kind words—and watch as your confidence grows. Simply say, “Thank you.”