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I’m in awe of Meghan Linsey, a woman’s whose talent is undeniable, and whose performance has landed her the opportunity to perform live on The Voice.

It’s one thing to do a blind audition when you are brand new, but can you imagine what your nerves might be like if you had already opened for Blake Shelton years before? With that kind of experience, you should win this thing, right?

Of course not, but isn’t that what the voice inside our head says? Heck, I’ve never opened for anyone famous, and yet I caught myself afraid of renting shared office space because of my fears of being seen as less successful. Even though the space will likely add to my success!

Clearly, being on The Voice gives Meghan a much greater chance of reaching her goals then sitting on a couch, eating potato chips, and watching sad movies. But one feels a great deal safer (ego) then the other.

As an underdog there’s less risk, and so creativity can take over and allow your natural talent to emerge. The more perceived risk, the more challenging the task.

This is why many executives don’t allow themselves to attend leadership development courses, work with coaches, or listen to brilliant ideas from their team, even though their employee turnover rate is high, and their engagement scores low.

“I should know what I’m doing,” chases away the opportunity for us to learn something new.

Maintaining a beginners mindset in all areas of life gives us permission to keep growing, and avoid irrelevancy as a result of stagnation.

Meghan, your courage is huge, and I’m grateful to a have brilliant role model to lead the way. Thank you!