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Boomers have done a tremendous job paving the way for women in the workforce. Now that many of them have found their way into leadership positions, they get to reach out and help other women elevate their career, right? Unfortunately, many of them are choosing to remain territorial and do everything they can to get in the way of young women reaching their career success too soon – they need to pay their dues first! (there’s a great book that shares excellent research on this very topic: “Tripping the Prom Queen”).

In a recent article, “Women in the Workplace: Where They Shine, Where they Struggle,” Anita Bruzzese does a fantastic job outlining the importance of women in executive positions. She goes as far as saying this economic downturn would not have happened if there were more women in positions of authority. While I do agree women are much better with the big-picture, long-term goals, I’m not certain we are ready for such positions.

Women (people) who rise into leadership positions need to understand their real job – to develop the leadership capacity of others. As noted in the article, “Men are much more likely to help anyone, even someone they barely know.” Women, on the other hand think they need to really know someone before they will help them, says Kaputa.

The article also mentions how elevating women into leadership positions will position the company to both attract and retain the youngest generation. This will only be true when seasoned and young women let go of their righteous views and find their common ground.

If we are to take on leadership positions, we better be ready to open our minds to new ways of thinking and embrace our real job as leaders, regardless of gender.

As a woman in business, I’m ready to step up – are you? Let’s do it together!

Misti Burmeister