Step it up… in style!

So, you’re ready to mentor? Now, all you need is to find someone to mentor. Why do mentoring relationships fail? They fail because neither the mentor nor the mentee know why they are in the mentoring relationship. Sure, they may know they want to either be mentored or they want to mentor someone, but that’s it. Does there need to Read More >

“Love Comes and Love Goes”

By C. Mali Phonpadith © 2009 Sometimes love finds us and we simply aren’t ready…we don’t see it for what it is. When we don’t believe – we don’t feel like we have much and therefore, we always lose. It doesn’t have to be this way. I have convinced myself in the past that timing is everything- this is true. Read More >

Who SHOULD be mentored?

This seems like an easy question, right? Wrong! Many young professionals feel entitled to mentoring and just as many seasoned professionals are confused by this entitlement – after all, they never got mentored! Why should they mentor? And, better yet, how do they mentor and what is mentorship? Many organizations are jumping on the “mentoring program” bandwagon simply because they Read More >

Is the student ready?

“When the student is ready the teacher appears.” 2009 is the year of new beginnings. Why? In numerology the number 11 represents new beginnings. Of course, the numbers have to add up to 11 ~ two plus nine is 11. So, from the perspective of numerology, 2009 is a year of new beginnings. In 2009 the word “mentoring” will continue Read More >

Why Mentor?

You shouldn’t mentor! That is, unless you can see how critical mentoring has become both to young professionals seeking to understand the business world and seasoned professionals eager to learn new, innovative technology. You might consider mentoring if you know what you have to offer and are eager to share what you know with someone else. You will, without question, Read More >

Employee Development – Whose Responsibility Is It? (Part I of II)

Wouldn’t it be easy to say the responsibility for developing your career rests solely in the hands of your employer and supervisor? After all, you’re giving your time and effort to them, so shouldn’t it be their responsibility to ensure you develop into the superstar you’re meant to be? Aren’t they supposed to give feedback on what you’re doing well Read More >