Want to Skyrocket Your Career During This Recession?

While most people think a recession increases productivity, the opposite is actually true. Research shows that people become less productive and, in fact, companies become less effective during a recession. Why? The simple answer…fear. Most people are too busy worrying about what will happen to their job, their business or their career. Few are willing to pull their team or Read More >

Millennial Leaders launched as an eBook!

The following is an excellent book put out by an exceptional woman, Bea Fields! Get your copy now… https://www.booksonboard.com/index.php?BODY=viewbook&BOOK=342768 Here’s a bit about the book: Our study of Generation Y has just been released as an eBook available at the incredible price of only $8.39.For business owners and parents of those born after 1980, this is an incredible guide to Read More >

How To Destroy The Bridge Between Generations – Scoop 44

As I read the following quote, I thought, here, THIS, is the reason there is such a gap between young and seasoned professionals. “Gen Y professionals are perceived as being the weakest performers among the four generations in the U.S. workforce.” HUMAN RESOURCE EXECUTIVE, 1-09, PG. 29 Of course there are just as many news articles pointing to how absolutely Read More >

How to Make Mega Millions

People from all generations want to feel a sense of financial security, especially during a recession. While the vast majority of people are running around looking for ways to make money quick, the one’s who create a plan and work their plan end up the most successful. Two of my favorite quotes by Zig Ziglar… “If you want great friends, Read More >

A Decision To Make A Difference

https://boston.bizjournals.com/boston/othercities/washington/stories/2009/02/16/story18.html?b=1234760400%5E1779270 TITLE: Chief executive officer COMPANY: Inspirion Inc., Fairfax EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in psychology and kinesiology from the University of Northern Colorado; master’s degree in speech communication RISING STAR CRED: Burmeister is the quintessential matchmaker. Her company was founded in 2005 to improve communication between generations in the workplace. Started with $37, Inspirion had more than $250,000 in revenue by Read More >

Professional Development – Whose Responsibility Is It? Part II of II

Last month I said that responsibility for your professional development rests solely in your hands. But if you’re a manager, and an American for prosperity, that doesn’t get you off the hook for mentoring and developing your talented employees. Sure, it’s up to them if they succeed, but since you have a stake in the game (if your employee succeeds, Read More >