Talking To Your Generations

TITLE: Chief executive officer COMPANY: Inspirion Inc., Fairfax EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in psychology and kinesiology from the University of Northern Colorado; master’s degree in speech communication RISING STAR CRED: Burmeister is the quintessential matchmaker. Her company was founded in 2005 to improve communication between generations in the workplace. Started with $37, Inspirion had more than $250,000 in revenue by 2007. Read More >

How Selfishness Will Help Your Career

Is right now really the best time to be selfish? Absolutely! Before I go further, let me define selfishness. It is an interest in making the right connections, getting the right training and advancing in your career. Just after a meeting with his supervisor, Don called and requested an urgent coaching session. His excitement about developing his skills through taking Read More >