Don`t We All Need a Little Narcissism?

A response to: “Social Media is for Narcissists” Let’s first define “Narcissism.” According to it is, “An inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.” Okay, so, vanity, self-love and fascination with oneself taken to an extreme can have negative outcomes. Of course, it can also have positive outcomes. We live in a society where expressing love for oneself Read More >

Finding The Bar

Sure, I know no one is perfect or knows everything about anything – and that the people most willing to admit that are usually the most successful. Yet part of me has held on for a long time to the fundamental desire to hide my imperfections from everyone, to let them think I knew it all – even if I Read More >

Why Do We Need Leaders Anyway?

A response to the following article: The most important focus of this article is our need for excellence through leadership. While the article focuses on how Boomers are existing and Xers are taking over, the more important dialogue is about strengthening the leadership ability across generations. Leadership is demonstrating a clear commitment to the success of those on your Read More >

Getting Naked with Leadership Development in Today’s Market

While the vast majority of companies are slashing their training budget, the wisest companies are doing just the opposite–investing in their talent. No one has said it better than Henry Mintzberg has in his Harvard Business Review article, Rebuilding Companies as Communities, “Decades of short-term management, in the United States especially, have inflated the importance of the CEOs and reduced Read More >