Over-a-decade success

Washington Post Question: How often do achievements like that of the newly elected Republican senator from Massachusetts seem to materialize out of thin air? Do you believe in the concept of overnight success? The idea that achievements like Scott Brown`s materialize out of thin air is one of the reasons so many people end up depressed. They see or read about Read More >

Do You Have to Dress for Success?

One of my readers recently e-mailed me: “My sister received some pictures of a friend’s wedding. The bride and bridesmaids all wore long, formal dresses. The groom and groomsmen wore khakis; short-sleeved, casual, ‘out over the belt’ shirts; and … SNEAKERS. It is very strange, given the ladies’ attire, and perhaps disrespectful of them and marriage. My husband has grave Read More >

Research Before Giving

Washington Post Question: Should we admire Haitian singer Wyclef Jean for his charitable work even if it turns out that some of the money raised by his foundation, Yele Haiti, has been spent in questionable ways? How often do successful, high-profile people disappoint their admirers or lose their trust? And is that kind of trust be misguided in the first Read More >

It`s your choice

Washington Post Question: Is it possible to be successful in a job that you don`t like? A business group called the Conference Board got lots of publicity Jan. 5 by claiming worker satisfaction had fallen to its lowest level ever. Their numbers and methodology were questioned by other experts, but the issue of whether there`s a link between job satisfaction Read More >

Are You Selling Yourself?

“You have no idea how much age discrimination is happening right now in the workforce, Misti,” said Mike, a 50-something who’s been job searching for months. “They’re not hiring me because I’m too old and, therefore, too expensive. They don’t want to pay for my experience because they don’t understand its value.” Yep, age discrimination happens at all levels. In Read More >

Framing The Issue

Washington Post Question: Why do most people abandon their New Year`s resolutions so quickly? How much of a role does goal-setting play in achieving success? What are the most effective resolutions you have made? Several years in a row, my New Year`s resolution was to lose weight. That lasted until I either had a craving or was delightfully presented with Read More >