How to Keep Colleagues Accountable for Results

Managing your team? Piece of cake. Managing up? Slightly more complicated. Managing sideways? Diplomatic tightrope act. But you can make an impact with your peers – if your intentions are good and your execution includes understanding and compassion.  Consider Tom’s conundrum. As vice president of international relations for a small technology company, he was concerned about an ongoing conflict between Read More >

A new perspective

Washington Post Q: We all need advice as we seek success in our careers and lives. What are your five favorite business books, and why? What advice wasn`t so helpful? A month after quitting my job in Bethesda, Md., and several attempts at finding a new, more fulfilling job, I found myself struggling to feel like I was worth anything. Read More >

Explore, and listen

Six months prior to graduating with my master`s degree, I walked into the career counseling center at my university. There was a woman, Jackie, behind the desk next to the door, who greeted me immediately. “Do you have a meeting?” she asked. “A meeting? With who?” I asked. She explained that there were career counselors on staff and I could Read More >

Ask for help

When my best efforts fail, I ask myself if my goal is still important. If it is, I get out of my head, share my challenge and ask for help. While I have never had to personally deal with a failure of such all-encompassing significance as the BP oil spill, I can imagine I would respond to any failure of Read More >