Mission or Money?

  “Ultimately, the organizations with great leadership will make the strongest positive impact on our world.” — Misti Burmeister After a recent workout, I met John, a salesman for an education-based company. When I asked about his work, he explained,”I have my ‘day job’ but I also do some work with start-ups in my free time.” “Do you like your Read More >

Driven to Chocolate

“As leaders, we must be aware of the impact of our actions and inactions.” — Misti Burmeister Chocolate is my medicine… my vice. When someone or something is irritating me, I reach for it. It’s easy… and cures all my ailments, instantly! Well, for that instant at least. Which is why one piece of chocolate is never enough. The taste Read More >

Connecting People, Driving Profits

   “When we, as leaders, can find teams whose passions align with ours, we can do amazing things!” — Misti Burmeister One of our core drives as human beings is the desire for connection – to feel a sense of belonging. Understanding this core need is the reason Starbucks, TED (and TEDx), and Crossfit have taken off. Sure, Starbucks sells Read More >

Resolve to Be a More Powerful Leader in 2013

“If your team has no clear career goals, help them see what’s possible. Take a stand for their greatness.” — Misti Burmeister While each moment provides us with a new beginning (and there’s beauty in that reality), the New Year is a great opportunity for reflection and to make some simple, subtle shifts that, added up throughout the year, can Read More >