Go Ahead, Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

“It’s not our choice of words or topics, but the intention behind our words, that makes the difference.” — Misti Burmeister At a holiday party put on by the management of my apartment building, I met a very nice lady named Mayra, who was in a wheelchair. When she told me that she’s become a major user of drive-throughs, I responded, Read More >

Snow, Ice and Sliding

“Truth does find its way to belief, but only for those leaders committed to seeing it through” — Misti Burmeister Cars don’t slide into ditches or crash into each other because of a few flakes of snow. But once snow and ice have accumulated, the conditions can quite literally cause a 15-car pileup. Words of encouragement work the same way. Read More >

Will Growth Kill Your Company’s Innovation?

“If you care about your people, they’ll care about you – and the vision you’ve set forth.” — Misti Burmeister During lunch with Seth, a new friend and talented salesman, I was captivated by the story of how he went from breaking company records to looking for a new opportunity. So, I asked Seth to write about the experience. Here’s Read More >