The Thing About Feedback

“If your intention in giving someone feedback is to judge or criticize, you’ll fail to inspire a shift in their behavior.” — Misti Burmeister For many leaders, feedback is simply not an easy thing to give. Some worry about inflating egos, while others fear destroying self-esteem. There are many great articles and books about giving feedback (heck, I’ve even written Read More >

The Power of Your Imagination

“Our ability to see greatness in others will falter if we fail to introduce positive and inspiring messages every day.” — Misti Burmeister Our imaginations have no difficulty locating and dwelling on all the qualities that make each of our team members less than exceptional. Yet, we’ve heard the story a million times: Leaders who say, “Give me that territory Read More >

In This Moment…

“Successful leaders can’t expect to influence people into greatness without knowing them and demonstrating that they care.” — Misti Burmeister There are literally millions of people waiting for someone to recognize the brilliance in them, and insist on their greatness. Here’s the question: are you purely managing their output, or are you instigating their potential? Inspire them to the level Read More >