10 Things Really Amazing Leaders Do

10 Things Really Amazing Leaders Do “Amazing leaders know diversity is critical to success, so they find ways to work with those who are different from them.” — Misti Burmeister What separates bad or mediocre leaders from the truly great ones – you know, the ones who have productive, innovative, collaborative teams made up of happy workers who are dedicated Read More >

Never Enough

“Truly great leaders make time to provoke greatness in their teams.” — Misti Burmeister There’s never enough time to be as patient or persistent with our teams as we need to be. We’re simply too busy dealing with the crisis of the moment to focus on developing their interpersonal skills or helping them achieve success in their careers and lives. Read More >

How One Store Lost My Business

“Kindness really does matter – not only for retaining productive employees, but also for retaining customers.” — Misti Burmeister Recently, my friend Amy and I were shopping at a specialty-clothing store. As we browsed the merchandise, I couldn’t help but overhear an appalling conversation between one of the sales clerks and her manager. With almost a sense of desperation, the Read More >

Do You Hear Yourself?

“Feedback lets us know how we’re doing, and it helps us feel connected to our organizations, leaders and colleagues.”  — Misti Burmeister Just over a year ago, I started taking voice lessons. My mother was a vocalist, and I’ve always wondered whether I had the same talent. Having never taken a single lesson (with the exception of music class in elementary Read More >