The Most Important Interview Question Ever

“Keeping your eyes open for opportunity, even when you’re in a job you love, will put you in a better starting position when it’s truly time to move on.” — Misti Burmeister Most of us spend more time with our co-workers than with our families, yet few ask the most important question before accepting a job, hiring a new employee, Read More >

To Compete, or to Collaborate …

“Competition doesn’t have to be about beating other people. It’s about collaborating and improving our game.” — Misti Burmeister I have been a member of Toastmasters for several years but have never competed. Despite having been an Olympic track-and-field hopeful in high school, I’ve never liked competition, because it’s purely about winning. I prefer to focus on giving my best Read More >

What To Do About Your “Ugly Babies”

“If you only focus on the dirt, you’ll never find the treasure.” — Misti Burmeister “What if I don’t actually care about this guy?” asked Sarah, a senior executive in the entertainment industry. We’d spent nearly an hour of our coaching session discussing how to get one of her employees to care about his own career. Over the past several Read More >

Playing Scarce

“Those with a scarcity mindset waste time complaining about how hard it is to find talented people.” — Misti Burmeister If we are to lead others to greatness, blow our numbers out of the water, and experience limitless success, we must give up scarcity as our modus operandi. Playing scarce means focusing on the competitive aspects of business – the Read More >

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

  “Asking for help makes us vulnerable, and yet through that vulnerability, some of the most magical relationships have a chance to form.” — Misti Burmeister Asking for help is not easy. Most of us worry that doing so will make us look vulnerable, weak or even desperate. Sometimes – and to some people – it does. But having been Read More >