Would You Paddle Board in Your Underwear?

  “Sometimes we have to throw ‘the rules’ aside, say yes, and let life work out the details for us.” — Misti Burmeister On May 4, 2013, Alison Whitmire organized and hosted the very best TEDx event I’ve ever experienced – TEDx Rock Creek Park. The day was filled with many exceptional speakers, and Mo Fathelbab was certainly one of them. His Read More >

The Best Leaders Don’t Always Lead By Example

“What matters most in leaders is the ability to provoke greatness!” — Misti Burmeister After that final bell sounded, releasing us from school for the day, I would throw on my shorts and tank top, grab my gear, and head out for track practice. Track & field season was usually hot and dry in Gilcrest, Colorado, a tiny town about Read More >

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

“Resist the desire to control everything, and you will open yourself up to possibilities.” — Misti Burmeister I can be a know-it-all – at least on occasion. Hard to imagine, right? But alas, it happens, particularly in high-stress situations. Poor Reggie, the chief mover who helped me relocate from the fifth to the second floor of my apartment building, learned Read More >

The Little Things Matter

“If you start chipping away at your corporate culture, you might just lose your most valuable asset – your employees.” — Misti Burmeister Most leaders cannot compute investing in their people, particularly when the market shifts. Yet, just like the best time to invest in the stock market is when it’s on its way down, economic downturns are a great Read More >