Do You Know What a Diaper Genie Is?

“Finding humor in mistakes is a valuable way to strengthen meaningful relationships.” — Misti Burmeister Mistakes, misunderstandings, and snafus are part of life – at work and at home. The goal is to move forward … and maybe get a laugh or two at your own expense. Shortly after moving into my new house, I noticed that the previous owners left some kind Read More >

Not My Problem: The Key To Solving the Gov. Shutdown and Other Problems That Aren’t Our Responsibility

“People support that which they help to create, so if you make them part of the solution, they’ll be even more dedicated to seeing it through.”— Misti Burmeister Do people really push harder to accomplish goals they help to create? Are they more dedicated to solving problems when they help to define the solutions? I think so. In fact, I saw Read More >

Do Rules Hinder or Help?

“Rules are meant to be broken, especially when they limit our humanity.”  — Misti Burmeister Rules often save lives. Roads have speed limits to minimize danger in the case of car accidents. Most states have outlawed texting while driving for the same reason. And hospitals no longer allow anyone to smoke on the premises (even outside), given the health concerns of their Read More >

Knock Some Sense Into This CEO

“If you want your employees to treat your customers a certain way, ask yourself: How am I treating my employees?” — Misti Burmeister While walking up a steep hill next to my old apartment building, I ran into a solid, orange beam – literally. I was moving at full speed, messing with my phone (naturally!), and hit the beam with such force Read More >

Check Your Assumptions at the Door

“Instead of assuming you know your team, keep asking about what’s going on in their lives, as well as their goals and dreams and how those might have evolved since the last time you touched base.”— Misti Burmeister It has been said that change is life’s only constant. This is true for businesses, people, and pretty much every aspect of life. Just when we Read More >